chinese economy:syllabi-世界杯买球攻略

 chinese economy:syllabi-世界杯买球攻略
chinese economy:syllabi
ema courses (chinese economy), school of economics

1st semester compulsory courses
emae620002 microeconomics degree 3 syllabus
emae620009 econometrics degree 3 syllabus
emae620000 basic chinese   (i) degree 2 syllabus
emae620007 doing business in china degree 3 syllabus
2nd   semester compulsory courses
emae620005 macroeconomics degree 3 syllabus
3rd   semestercompulsory courses
emae620001 chinese economy degree 3 syllabus
emae620014 china’s taxation system and fiscal policy degree 3 syllabus
fall   semester optional courses
emae630025 urbanization in china optional 3 syllabus
emae630002 chinese foreign trade optional 2 syllabus
emae620018 international   finance optional 3 syllabus
emae630018 social security system and its reform in china optional 2 syllabus
emae630147 foreign direct investment in transition economy optional 2 syllabus
spring semester optional   courses
emae620015 china's financial system optional 3 syllabus
emae620004 basic chinese(ii) optional 2 syllabus
emae630034 quantitative analysis of financial time series optional 3 syllabus
econ620062 corporate  finance optional 3 syllabus
emae630026 industrial organization optional 3 syllabus
emae630019 world economy and china optional 2 syllabus
emae630006 monographic study on chinese finance optional 3 syllabus
emae630030 dissertation writing in economics optional 3 syllabus
emae630024 topics on development economics optional 3 syllabus
emae630032 international trade optional 3 syllabus

the above syllabi are for reference only.

note: in addition to the courses above, we have series of short-term courses named after pro. jiang xuemo which are taught by the esteemed scholars from all over the world, normally with 1 credit each. according to the latest graduation rule for degree student, you have to take at least 1 short course during your 1st academic year. course of each semester is subject to change.