fall 2020 intake is open for application

to view the adjustment due to the coronavirus affect, please click here

online application deadline  fall 2020 entry

1st period

20 nov. -   29 dec. 2019

for both scholarship and self-support applicants

2nd period

15 jan. -   22 mar. 2020

for both scholarship and self-support applicants

3rd period

11 apr. -   15 may 2020

for self-support applicants only


how to apply

step one: oneline application

a. apply for one or both scholarships by following the instruction at (self-support applicants shall skip this step)

a) chinese government scholarship (csc):

b) shanghai government scholarship (sgs):

b. apply for the specific study program (no program code set for 2-year ema programs): go to ; select "self-support" as the funding source and then complete the online application in the fudan iso application system before the deadlines. documents needed during the online application:

1. degree certificate. applicants who have not graduated or received the bachelor’s degree by the time of application are required to provide an official letter from the current university stating the expected graduation date.

2. official transcript (with gpa or grading conversion table to 100-mark system)

3. personal statement (over 500 english words)

4. resume/cv in english

5. two reference letters (or mail the sealed reference letters, see step two)

6. photocopy of the personal information page of the valid passport (passport must be valid at least until september 2020)

7. valid toefl or ielt score report. native english speakers or applicants who have graduated from english-taught degree programs can be waived from the language requirement.

8. foreigner's physical exam report (for scholarship application only). template available at

c. pay the 800rmb application fee online.


    • if any of the above documents are not in english or chinese, you are required to have them translated into either english or chinese by an authorized translation agency and have them notarized. then upload both the original and translated-notarized documents to the application system;

    • after you pay the 800rmb of the application fee online, no further modification in the application system is possible.

step two: mail the required materials to soe

applicants are strongly suggested to log on to the application system daily to track the application status. the review of the online application will start immediately and usually be run on a weekly basis. any comments as well as the result of the online application will be published in the system.

   the applicants who pass the first-round assessment are required to mail the following paper materials to the designated address:

1. two copies of the completed application form (downloaded from the online system)

2. two copies of the personal information page of the valid passport (passport must be valid at least until september 2020)

3. sealed reference letter/s (not needed if already uploaded to the online system)

4. other required documents for scholarship applications applied through fudan university

step three: online interview

after a holistic review of the application materials, some applicants will get to the next steps directly while some will be notified to attend the interview as additional assessment. all the interviews will be done via skype and the interview notification will be sent to the email address that the applicants put in the online system. please note all interviews will be scheduled on weekdays and during business hours. applicants who miss the interview without prior approval from the ema programs office will be regarded as dropping out of the application.

scholarships & funding

during application:

  • chinese government scholarship (csc): open to all 2-year program applicants; all double-degree program applicants are not eligible to apply through fudan university thus are suggested to apply through the chinese embassy/consulate of the home country;

  • shanghai government scholarship: open to all applicants.

during study:

  • dean’s scholarship of soe, fudan university (merit-based, recommended by the ema programs office);

  • more scholarships are available for outstanding students, e.g. ibm, china development bank, fudan boxue scholarship, confucius institute belt and road scholarship, etc.